Stefan Gates Shows You How To Fry An Egg On A Piece Of Paper (VIDEO)

Learn How To Fry An Egg On A Piece Of Paper

Video produced by HuffPost's Hunter Stuart

Wait, what? Fry an egg on a piece of paper? Yes, it's possible! You have to see it to believe it. Watch the video above from British food writer and television personality Stefan Gates. His latest book, The Extraordinary Cookbook, goes where no cookbook has gone before -- with recipes for some unique dishes prepared in unusual ways, like this fried egg.

Stefan uses a plain sheet of paper, which he attaches with clips to a wire hanger that's been formed into a diamond shape. Holding the contraption over a low flame from a butane burner, he is able to fry an egg without setting the paper on fire. It does take a steady hand, however, to do this (you might want to spend some extra time at the gym strengthening those forearms). So it may take some practice for the first-timer. But once you master the process, it will be the perfect parlor trick for showing off to friends and family.

Browse the step-by-step gallery below for detailed instructions.

Step 1

How to Fry an Egg on Paper

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