Stefan Gates: How To Smoke Salmon In A Cookie Tin (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to smoke your own salmon? It typically takes pricey equipment with a bit of knowledge to operate. What if there were an easier method you could do using household items? Watch the video above from British food writer and television personality Stefan Gates. His latest book, The Extraordinary Cookbook, goes where no cookbook has gone before -- with recipes for some unique dishes prepared in unusual ways, like this fillet of salmon cooked in a cookie-tin.

Stefan uses an old cookie-tin as his smoker. He uses a bit of chicken wire as a grate to hold the salmon up above a layer of wood chips and herbs. He then closes up the tin firmly, but not too tightly, and places it over a flame (an electric stove would work well here too). After about 3 minutes, he has deliciously smoked salmon. Once you try this technique, you'll be trying it in front of all your friends and family.