Stefan Rurak Woodworking: Sit On This


They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, which actually explains how the Kardashians manage to keep getting married. Applying that idiom to other things filled with wood: Stefan Rurak Woodworking.

Producing process-oriented, oft-natural-form furniture inspired by timber he finds at renovation sites and garbage dumps, SR started his career toiling in artistic arenas from photography to painting before being introduced to woodworking by a model he met at a photo shoot, because, seriously, how else do you think models land their gigs? Reclaimed highlights:

The Stary Kon End Table: Made from an unfinished oak beam, this 27'' high, rectangular joint's peppered with irregularly placed, piston-like, cylindrical drawers of white oak, sapele, and walnut, providing your goods with ample shell-ter.

The Skinny Table: This 4ft long sapele piece stands on two regular legs at one end, while the other's supported by a thick bark-covered branch, proving Michelle really can be Everywhere.

The Chubby Chair: Made from contrasting pine and walnut -- the front legs and chair back rock a light, unfinished look, while the seat, arms, and rear legs are darker & glossy -- this cabin-ready number is finished off with ebony details, which'll get super pissed if you sit on it while reading Jet.

Other options include a couple of stools, plus a naturally twisted branch with glowing bulbs implanted on it, also another thing that could explain why someone would marry a Kardashian.