Stein Family Says Thank You, Looks To The Future

After a whirlwind week that saw their family featured on the front page of The Huffington Post and $30,000 raised to help them pay their overwhelming medical bills, the Stein family is back with a message of gratitude and hope for the HuffPost community. visited the Steins at home on Sunday morning. They discuss how amazed they are that the Huffington Post came out in such strong numbers to support them. Gary Stein thinks of them as a symbol of the hardships faced by families across America.

If you are one of the more than 900 people who gave to the Stein family, thank you for your generosity. As the Impact section grows, there will be more opportunities to give, volunteer and take action with the causes you care about.

Thank you for following this story, and thanks for your continued commitment to making an impact.


You can see how much money continues to be raised for the Stein family via the widget below: