Stella, 4-Year-Old Dinosaur Expert, Calls Out Toy Makers (VIDEO)

WATCH: World's Youngest Dinosaur Expert?

Well well well, what do we have here? Looks like yet another toy maker that thinks it can whip up a quick 3D Movable Triceratops Puzzle without paying attention to anatomical accuracy.

Luckily, Stella the dinosaur expert is here to hold their feet to the fire. On a trip to the toy store with her father, Stella, 4, helpfully tears apart the fraudulent toy on three separate points revealing that the ersatz Triceratops in question is, in fact, a Styracosaurus.

It's yet another lesson for toy makers to respect their audience. Just ask the little girl named Riley who recently told the toy industry to stop forcing pink stuff on girls.

Check out Stella's full analysis below:

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