Preventing Third World America Step 1: Share Your Story

Well, it's happening again -- we are failing to capture the turbulence of our times with narratives that allow the public, and force our leaders, to connect with the pain and suffering that should be fueling the fight to change direction while there's still time.

Indeed, the lack of urgency we are seeing in Washington -- and the lack of focus on real people -- is stunning considering that the consequences of our failed financial system are everywhere you look. Putting flesh and blood on the cold, hard statistics means putting the spotlight on the people whose lives were upended as a result of our out-of-control financial system. And by shining the spotlight on them, we may be able to turn things around.

The first step toward reclaiming America is to speak up. Send us your stories, and we'll pick some of the most powerful to feature prominently on HuffPost. (Here are some examples of stories submitted by readers that we spotlighted: Curt MacRae, Ian Felton, Greg Kaminski, Jim Laman, and Lesa Deason Crowe.)

Click "Participate" below and tell your story!

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