Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The Currys Turn Up With Michelle Obama

BRB, watching on loop forever.

A year and a half ago, First Lady Michelle Obama looked into a camera, held up a root vegetable and began to shake and shimmy as DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s chart-topping hit “Turn Down for What” greeted our ears.

“Turnip for what?” Obama asked, holding, you guessed it, a turnip. And so, a viral sensation was born.

The short video was a plug for the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, which encourages exercise, healthy eating and general healthy living, specifically among America’s children

But if you want to appeal to the elusive #youth, the logical step is to turn to someone so universally popular, so virally shareable, so synonymous with everything good and hip and #millennial in the world that kids will have no choice but to hear and absorb and live by the promoted message.

Enter Steph Curry.

This morning, the First Lady posted the latest #turnipforwhat video, this time featuring two people who may make up America’s second favorite married couple: the NBA’s reigning MVP and his wife, Ayesha Curry.

The video appears to have been filmed back in February, when Curry’s Golden State Warriors visited the White House to celebrate their 2014-2015 NBA championship -- but Obama waited until now to share the clip, given that today, apparently, is turnip-planting day in our great nation’s capital. And given the recent announcement that Ayesha will get her own cooking show in the near future, the joint healthy-living endorsement makes complete sense. 

In the next week, Curry’s Warriors may very well clinch the best win-loss record in NBA history. But this five-second clip will be his true victory of the year.



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