Steph Curry And Justin Timberlake Dance 'The Carlton' And Life Is Complete

This must have put sunshine in everyone's pocket.

One of the best things about being famous is that you get to play sports and act out old sitcom gags with other famous people.

On Saturday at the American Century Championship golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, basketball superstar Steph Curry and singer Justin Timberlake danced “the Carlton” with the man who etched it into pop culture  ― actor Alfonso Ribeiro of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”

Ribeiro, who played the adorably lame-dancing Carlton Banks on the ‘90s comedy series, can still rock a Carlton of course, but Curry and Timberlake acquit themselves well, don’t you think?

Timberlake and Ribeiro have done the Carlton together before on the golf course, but this was presumably a first for the trio, who also performed the Jones’ BBQ and Foot Massage dance.

Like the “Fresh Prince” theme song goes, fellas: “First class, yo this is bad.”

Here’s the full sequence: