Steph Curry Helps Donate Thousands Of Shoes To Kids In The Motherland

Philanthropic bae.
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Steph Curry recently ranked at 11 on the list of NBA's 3-pointers list. 

NBA superstar Steph Curry recently partnered with friend and Kick’n It for a Cause founder Chris “COSeezy” Strachan to help gather more than 20,000 sneakers for kids in the motherland. 

On Wednesday, Curry spoke at Strachan’s alma mater Liberty University. The school hosted a shoe drive with the lifestyle brand to prevent children in the Republic of Congo from getting diseases that can be transferred through bare feet.

During the visit, Curry also spoke to the university’s basketball team about his athletic trajectory and making the most of the opportunities presented to them. 

“Before all this NBA hoopla, from my journey coming from a small school like Davidson, I had the same kind of look that you all have in your eyes right now,” Curry told the players.

“Just hyped to play and ready to go. It’s an amazing opportunity to do it and do it together,” he said. “Because every single one of you has a role and a part of your success...Have fun doing what you’re doing, and just enjoy it.”



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