Stephan Stolze, Chef Of Key Largo's Steamers, Commits Apparent Suicide In Restaurant Dining Room

Chef Commits Apparent Suicide In Restaurant Dining Room

Sad, gruesome news out of Key Largo -- Stephan Stolze, chef at Steamers restaurant, apparently fatally stabbed himself in the neck with a knife grabbed from the kitchen in front of his co-workers, in the dining room.

The Miami Herald reports that Stolze, 46, emerged from the kitchen with a large knife and "walked out into the seating area with the knife held to the right side of his neck." Although there were no customers in the dining area at the time, Stolze's colleagues were present. Unaware of how gravely he was injured, they rushed to clean up the blood and called their manager, as dinner service hours had started and customers were beginning to arrive.

Bartender, Veronica Dunn, saw Stolze run to his apartment above the restaurant, and called Steamers' manager, Robin Schaupp. Schaupp called 911 and followed a trail of blood to the apartment. It was there that Stolze, who co-workers said was depressed after splitting with his girlfriend, was found dead.

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