CNN's Stephanie Cutter Targeted By Media Campaign Over White House Ties

CNN's Stephanie Cutter is now the target of a campaign by left-wing media watchdog FAIR for her continued ties to the White House.

Last week, Cutter defended herself from charges that her close relationship with the Obama administration makes her an inappropriate person to opine on "Crossfire," the show she co-hosts. Cutter is reportedly still advising the White House on communications strategy.

Cutter said that she was hired to say exactly what she thought, and her administration connections were likely a key reason she was hired by CNN in the first place. But FAIR was not satisfied with that response. On Monday, the organization issued one of its "Action Alerts," telling its members to contact CNN about Cutter.

From the alert:

A TV pundit is paid to say what she thinks. A political spin doctor is paid to say whatever line is most likely to promote her client's agenda. It's a glaring conflict between two very different responsibilities. A conflict of interest like that might not bother Cutter. But such conflicts are supposed to matter to CNN.

If Stephanie Cutter is consulting with the White House, and then going on TV to discuss the very same issues, she's not representing the left--or her viewers. She's representing the White House.

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