Sex Workers Open Up About What Their Lives Are Really Like

"I hope that people can look at sex workers with an open mind and see them as equals, because that's what we all are."

A powerful new video is bringing together a group of sex workers to have an open, honest and candid conversation about the stereotypes they constantly battle because of their chosen profession.

Called "I'm a Sex Worker, But I'm Not..." the video brings together three people from across the spectrum of sex work to dispel myths about what they do and why they do it. Using phrases like, "I'm a sex worker, but I'm not worthless" or "I'm a sex worker, but I'm not incapable of having relationships," the video aims to combat stigma and educate about the realities of sex work.

"Sex workers are some of America's best and brightest, with college educations, insight on sexual health and different personality traits," video producer Stephanie Frosch told The Huffington Post. "Each one is a different person who is so much more than a sex worker. I think everyone is in that same boat where we aren't what we do with our career. I make online video content for a living, but besides that I'm a daughter, I'm an animal enthusiast, I enjoy going to concerts, etc. Sex workers are humans who do so much more than that."

Amen to all of that.

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