Ex-Aide Sums Up Donald Trump’s Attitude To Melania Trump With 3 Words

Stephanie Grisham also recalled a telling telephone call the former president made about his wife.

A former aide to Melania Trump dished Sunday on Donald Trump’s mindset when it comes to his wife.

“He fears her, I would say,” Stephanie Grisham told MSNBC’s Alex Witt.

Grisham’s assessment came ahead of Monday’s start of Trump’s criminal hush money trial. The former president allegedly paid, during the 2016 election, porn actor Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal to keep quiet about alleged sexual encounters.

When the news of the allegations broke, Grisham recalled how “internally, people in the West Wing were nervous of what us in the East Wing would be doing.”

Grisham served as chief of staff and press secretary to Melania Trump. She later became the Trump White House press secretary and then communications director.

“I recall one time the former president calling me from Air Force One to basically see how angry she was and to see if we were putting any statements out because we never checked with the West Wing if we were going to say anything, so he definitely was worried,” she explained. “The West Wing was constantly checking in with me.”

Grisham “never shared with them [Melania Trump’s] thoughts on it because that was kind of personal, private conversations between the two of us,” she added. “When I said we are not going to the State of the Union or she will just meet him on Air Force One, I stopped there and they all knew in the West Wing not to push further or ask her to do any more than that.”

Watch the full interview here:

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