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Stephanie Izard Of 'Top Chef': A Day In The Life (VIDEO)


A few weeks ago, Hulu's "A Day In The Life" series featured a day in Mario Batali's life. Now, we get to see what "Top Chef" winner Stephanie Izard does during her day. While Batali's day takes him to a lot of different locations, Izard is glued to her two Chicago kitchens: Girl & The Goat and her yet-to-be-opened restaurant across the street, Little Goat.

At Girl & The Goat, Izard is working with about 30 cooks in the kitchen at any given time and does everything from cook pig face to answer inquiries about the provenance of her napkins. In this episode, Izard shares her thoughts on rising up the culinary ladder and how she was able to open her own place.

The clip below offers a cool window into Izard's life. And, this video pretty much confirms that Izard is simultaneously really nice and a total badass. Also, she has a vegetarian butcher!


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