Stephanie Montalvo, Deaf Teen, Hears Again After Years In Silence (WATCH)

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Stephanie Montalvo has grown up being unable to listen to listen to music or hear the sound of laughter -- the 15-year-old has been legally deaf since birth. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Montalvo has new ears, NBC News reports.

Once a year, Bill Austin -- founder and CEO Starkey Hearing Technologies, the largest hearing technology manufacturer in the country -- makes a trip to Yankee stadium and donates the state-of-the-art hearing aids to children and adults who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Recently, Montalvo was the recipient of a device that her family's insurance wouldn't have been able to cover.

"I feel like I'm a newborn baby, being able to hear again," she said.

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Even without her hearing, Montalvo has accomplished a lot for any 15-year-old. She plays the piano like a pro, writes her own music, and she's a talented softball player. At the Yankees game, Montalvo was thrilled to be invited onto the field when the players were practicing so that she could hear all the sounds of the game for the first time.

"I have new ears today," another recipient of Austin's generosity told NBC News. "I am happy."

Austin has traveled around the world bringing the gift of sound to over 800,000 people.

"Watching a child light up when they hear their loved ones' voices for the first time is an incredible experience and sharing that moment is something you never forget," Austin told Herald Online.

Welsh 16-year-old Debbie Pye, who was deaf from birth and became blind at age 14, was recently the recipient of a gift that changed her life. In Debbie's case, a guide dog named Tarka has increased her mobility and independence, and allowed her to do things she previously had difficulty with, like navigating through crowded markets.

"Tarka has given me more confidence, plus she's a friend," Debbie told This Is South Wales. "I can talk to her and play with her."

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