Julien Chabbott, 'Playboy' Boyfriend Of Stephanie Pratt, Arrested After Allegedly Driving Over NYPD Cop's Foot With Ferrari (VIDEO)

Julien Chabbott may own a $260,000 Ferrari and romp around town with Stephanie Pratt (reality star of The Hills), but this past Sunday, Chabbott quickly learned that doesn't give him the license to mess with New York's finest.

The New York Post reports an NYPD officer was issuing a standard parking ticket to Chabbott outside the swanky Mercer Hotel in Soho, when the internet entrepreneur and "playboy" decided it was a fine idea to try and grab the officer's notebook and get back into his red Ferrari after the officer told him not to.

The scene escalated after 28-year old Chabbott started inching the car forward, reportedly running over the cop's foot.

The officer warned, "Stop, stop" and then yelled, "You ran down my f---ing foot! Assault a f---ing officer?"

The officer, initially patient, slammed against the window, demanded he exit the car (to which Chabbott of course refused), then grabbed him out and arrested him.

The resulting video is humiliating for Chabbott-- who supposedly owns the social media site Line Snob and whose family owns an ambiguous "import-export business"-- but is a juicy piece of schadenfreude for the rest of us.

As for Pratt, she stands visibly annoyed and is forced to get behind the wheels and drive away. The reality star-- who has posed nude for both Maxim and PETA-- has had her own run with the law, having been arrested for a DUI.