Stephanopoulos Scolds Hannity On Jennings: 'I Don't Think You Have The Goods' (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity is on a mission to get someone fired from the Obama administration. We've speculated before about what's fueling the intensity of this effort, (is Hannity afraid of Glenn Beck?), but regardless of the motive, the conservative Fox News host has set his sights on Kevin Jennings, who President Obama appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary at the Department of Education for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Hannity and the right wing are outraged at Jennings' work aimed at making classrooms safe for homosexual and transgendered students, and they view him as a radical activist pushing a gay agenda. Think Progress has ably fact-checked these smears.

However, tonight Hannity got rebuked by a more high-profile source when ABC News' George Stephanopoulos told him bluntly, "I don't think you've got the goods on this one."

Looking at the record, it does seem to me that you've got a guy here who's committed his life to teaching and education. Who's been praised by more national organizations than you can count.


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