Stephen A. Smith Fooled By The Onion: ESPN Analyst Goes On Twitter Rant, Later Says, 'It's Cool'

Stephen A. Fooled By Onion

A certain analyst at the Worldwide Leader in Sports is apparently not familiar with America's Finest News Source.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith was angered on Monday afternoon by a story from The Onion titled, "Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument." The story had fun with the notion that Smith's argumentative style was not limited to his "professional" conversations.

At long last, someone must have explained a few things to Smith. He alerted everyone that he was aware of what was happening. Furthermore, he "got it" and decreed "It's cool." After all, "Peeps got jokes."

As Smith got himself more and more worked up about the story, his tweets drew attention from plenty of people who were already aware that The Onion was "on Satire." Here are a few of the reactions to Smith's rant and recant.

That Smith's anger subsided when he realized that he may have been the only person to be fooled by the story isn't the biggest surprise. He did have a good laugh about the impression of him delivered by Jay Pharoah on "Saturday Night Live" during the NBA Finals.

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