Stephen Colbert Totally Supports Fox News Host Who Thinks 'America Is Awesome'

Stephen Colbert Supports Fox News Host Who Thinks 'America Is Awesome'

On Tuesday, Fox News' Andrea Tantaros provided media writers with some ripe content when she went on a brief rant following release of the CIA's torture report to explain that America is "awesome." But no one was more amused than Stephen Colbert.

“The United States of America is awesome -- we are awesome," the Fox News host said on "Outnumbered." "The reason they want to have this discussion is not to show how awesome we are. This administration wants to have this discussion to show us how we’re not awesome.”

The report, comprised of 500 pages, provided raw details about the interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects post-Sept. 11. Disregarding the report's gruesome content, several Fox News hosts insisted that it's release was timed by Democrats to shift focus.

"I am with Fox’s Andrea Tantaros, who is stoked for America, come whatevs," Colbert said Wednesday night.

"We are awesome, and we have to be awesome, because the people we're fighting are totally radical!" he continued, concluding: "That's why we had to resort to extreme measures."

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