Stephen Colbert Taunts Anti-Vaxxer 'Maskholes' With Some All-Too-Blunt Advice

It's unlikely they'll take him up on this suggestion.

Stephen Colbert said China is responding to new coronavirus outbreaks with some of the strictest measures yet, such as locking down an office building with the workers still inside after a single omicron case was detected.

That led him to make a suggestion for those protesting against vaccines and masks in the United States, including the group that was arrested in an Olive Garden restaurant last week.

“Hey antivaxxers complaining about the CDC’s ‘communist’ policies,” Colbert said. “Why don’t you try protesting at the Beijing Olive Garden?”

Colbert’s show even created a fake commercial for a new restaurant chain just for antivaxxers:

Colbert said he’s not the only one who’s fed up with “maskholes.” He found one newscaster in Mexico whose sentiments can break through any language barrier:

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