Stephen Colbert Asks Activist Scott Douglas Why Latinos In Alabama Are 'The New Negro' (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

On Monday's The Colbert Report, Scott Douglas, the Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries, called Latinos the "new Negro."

Making reference to Alabama's draconian H.B.56. immigration law, Douglas likened the treatment of Latinos in the state to the treatment of blacks a century ago.

Stephen Colbert has taken a stand on the issue of immigration in the past year. After working in the fields for one day as an agricultural day laborer, Colbert testified before Congress, even breaking from his emblematic sarcasm for brief moments in order to express his concerns regarding immigrant rights. Colbert also devoted a segment in September to the practice of shackling undocumented pregnant women brought in on immigration-related offenses.

Colbert introduces Monday's guest by saying that Douglas sees "anti-immigration as the civil rights issue of our time."

Colbert laughs off this notion, quipping that, "Martin Luther King said 'I have a dream,' not 'I want a taco.'"