Stephen Colbert Rips Donald Trump In Coronavirus Bathtub Monologue

"The Late Show" host made a splash in a surprise appearance as his talk show went dark amid the pandemic.

Stephen Colbert roasted President Donald Trump from his bathtub on Monday. (See the clips below.)

Many talk shows have shut down as the coronavirus pandemic rages, but “The Late Show” host performed a surprise monologue from his tub before a rerun.

He kept it clean and delightfully mean.

After showing a news conference clip in which Trump said America will have a “big celebration” when the crisis ends, Colbert snarked (per the Daily Beast), “Yes, it’s true, we will all celebrate … the inauguration of anyone else.” 

Colbert turned Trump’s belated admission that COVID-19 is not under control into a terrifying bedtime story for kids:

The late night comedian also addressed the president’s newfound tone of urgency in telling Americans to avoid groups of more than 10 people. 

 “This important information coming from the coronavirus task force, which has 21 members,” Colbert said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “This is actually a good math lesson for all those kids now being home schooled. Question: If the coronavirus task force has 21 members but groups aren’t allowed to contain more than 10 people, how many more months are we going to have to be eating Chef Boyardee?”

In a parody of “YMCA” by the Village People, Colbert also jabbed at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for taking a last trip to the Y before all gyms were closed:

Colbert offered a message of hope for Americans, who have been told to hunker down. “Try to look on the bright side. You’re finally going to get a chance to binge watch all that toilet paper you bought.”

And we’re prepared to ride out the pandemic from home, he said.

“Turns out Americans weren’t lazy couch potatoes this whole time. All that sitting on our asses and watching TV was actually training to save the world.”