Colbert's Bernie Sanders Scolds Young Voters And It's Gleefully Extra

"The Late Show" host's savage impression captured the candidate in bitter Bernie mode.

Bernie Sanders’ disappointing showing on Super Tuesday was blamed in part on low young voter turnout. And the Democratic presidential candidate wasn’t going to take it ― at least not when Stephen Colbert impersonated him. (Watch the clip above.)

On “The Late Show” Tuesday, the host launched into his angry Bernie impression to scold the youth.

 “Come on, younglings, get off your TikTop, Snapchats and vote or I will come down to one of the three jobs you are working and slap the vape pen right out of your dirty little mouths,” Sanders, er, Colbert said, nearly breaking character to laugh.

Colbert’s Sanders also had a lot to say about “The Lion King” remake.

See what we mean above in Colbert’s political roundup.