Stephen Colbert Unearths Yet Another ‘Truly Bizarre’ Moment From Donald Trump

“Was he talking to an adviser or an old radiator?” asked the “Late Show” host.

Stephen Colbert took a mocking look at Donald Trump’s weekend controversies on his return to the air on “The Late Show” on Monday.

Trump, at the Black Conservative Federation annual gala in South Carolina on Friday, claimed Black people like him because of his criminal indictments.

“I think that’s why the Black people are so much on my side now because they see what’s happening to me, happens to them. Does that make sense?” asked the former president.

“No. No. It doesn’t make sense. Also, pretty bold for Donald Trump to end any sentence with the phrase, ‘Does that make sense?’” Colbert responded.

“But, things got truly bizarre when Trump talked about coming up with a name for his social media platform, Truth Social,” the comedian added, noting Trump saying his adviser came up with “these crazy names that nobody understood,” including “do-dong, da-dang.”

“Was he talking to an adviser or an old radiator?” cracked Colbert, who then impersonated Trump chatting to the latter.

Watch Colbert’s monologue here:

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