Even Stephen Colbert Is Ripping Steph Curry's Shoes

"How much money do I have to donate to NPR’s pledge drive to get them as a gift?"

Since unanimous league MVP Steph Curry released his new sneaker, the Curry 2 Low, they have received a lot of criticism for being absolutely hideous dad kicks.

Now you can add Stephen Colbert's name to to list of trash talkers.  

On Monday night's "Late Show," the host gave a harsh but legitimate critique of Curry's new shoes. Here are some of his most notable zingers:

  • “Damn, Steph Curry, these shoes look like they’re putting themselves through nursing school."
  • "These shoes look like a golf cart had sex with a jar of mayonnaise."
  • "These shoes are so bland, you should've called them Air Josh Grobans."

Colbert went on to check if Curry knew he was playing for Golden State, and not "Golden Girls."

At the end of his rant, however, Colbert did admit that Curry's "lame shoes" looked very "comfortable" and that he "would like to wear them on weekends when I barbecue." Doesn't he know that the key to a good ribbing is staying firm until the end?