Stephen Colbert Shreds Governor's Mask-Law Ban With Really Gross Joke

"The Late Show" host mocked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for countermanding local anti-coronavirus rules requiring face masks.

Stephen Colbert blasted Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for prohibiting cities from ordering people to wear masks in public places. (See the monologue below.)

The Republican state leader voided mandates adopted by at least a dozen localities, including Atlanta, saying he wanted to encourage voluntary mask-wearing instead. It was an unsettling development as the coronavirus continued to surge in Georgia and other Sunbelt states that lifted coronavirus restrictions earlier than experts advised.

But “The Late Show” host first spotlighted a somewhat promising development in the South: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey finally issued a statewide mask order this week after her state set a daily death record. “And to make the order more palatable to Alabama voters, the masks will be deep-fried,” Colbert cracked.

Then the comedian zeroed in on Kemp, “who’s not giving in to the health huggers.”

“To make matters worse, he just launched a new Georgia health campaign,” Colbert joked.

The host then displayed a picture of a baseball hat-wearing bro about to put his tongue on an old man. “Lick the elderly. It’s the law,” the made-up slogan read.

You have to see it. Watch Colbert’s monologue right here:

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