Stephen Colbert Brings Back Old Letterman Gag On 'The Late Show'

"I realize I'm not Dave, but I'm not an animal."

Hello, it's Jee!

Like his predecessor, David Letterman, Stephen Colbert doesn't run from controversy on "The Late Show." So after his BLT on Wednesday turned out to just be BL sans T, he confronted the person responsible for the monstrosity: Hello Deli owner Rupert Jee.

The unassuming deli owner regularly appeared on "The Late Show" during Letterman's run, and said he was "sickly sad" when the old host left. Well, now Jee's back, and he has some explaining to do. 

"I realize I'm not Dave, but I'm not an animal," said Colbert holding up a blown-up picture of the abomination that Jee called a sandwich. 

It was looking tense until Jee realized the one thing that could fix this ...

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