Colbert Won’t Ever Have ‘Lasting Peach’ With Trump After This Burn

Things aren't peachy for Donald Trump.

The White House may have accidentally written “peach,” but this is bananas.

The Trump administration, which for some unknown reason appears to resist proofreading the things they write, made another embarrassing typo in a recent press release.

As Stephen Colbert explained on Monday’s “Late Show,” one of the goals of President Donald Trump’s trip to Israel was described as promoting “the possibility of lasting peach.”

“I think this one’s really going to resonate with the American people,” said Colbert. “Because Americans really want something with peach in it. Peach ice cream ... peach cobbler ... im-peach, anything with peach.”

Damn. Orange you glad you stuck around for the punch line?

In the White House’s defense, both lasting peace and lasting peach seem like solid ideas.

Colbert obviously agrees.

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