Stephen Colbert Calls 'Bulls**t' On Trump's Continued Voter Fraud Claims

But how do you really feel, Stephen?

If it smells like a turd and looks like a turd, it might just be President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims.

In his recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, President Trump continued expressing his belief in rampant voter fraud despite an alarming lack of evidence. While that seems so perplexing that it’d be hard for many to put into words, Stephen Colbert did his best.

“This kind of accusation is called ― and I don’t want to get too technical here ― bullshit,” Colbert said.

The “Late Show” host went on to say that “the largest investigation of voter impersonation ever found just 31 incidents out of a billion ballots cast,” referring to a 2014 Washington Post report that looked at U.S. elections since 2000.

So what do we make of Trump’s claim that 3 million people voted for Hillary Clinton illegally? Colbert crunched the numbers and has an answer for that, too ...



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