Stephen Colbert And Casey Affleck's Interview Gets Awkward Fast

Abort, Stephen! Abort!!

Well, that escalated quickly.

Stephen Colbert's interview with "Triple 9" star Casey Affleck didn't go as planned on Monday. The whole thing started poorly when Colbert joked about Affleck's outfit. The actor came out looking somewhat disheveled with an untucked button-down (that was buttoned way down), so the host joked, "Thanks for dressing up." Affleck didn't get it.

What followed was an awkward, passive-aggressive slugfest. Among the highlights, Affleck says Colbert is implying he's being rude, Colbert says he only watched a little more than an hour of the actor's new movie and the host even tries to correct Affleck for saying his "Triple 9" co-star Kate Winslet is British, adding, "I think she's from New Zealand, actually." (Winslet is from the U.K.)

The whole thing is pretty cringeworthy. Sure, Affleck does seem to be channeling his buddy Joaquin Phoenix from their movie "I'm Still Here," but what's up with Colbert telling the dude he only watched an hour of his new film? 

At one point, Colbert even jokes the pair should end the interview with actual fighting. Affleck didn't get that, either.

And, kids, that is why you should always tuck your shirt in.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

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