Stephen Colbert Shares Inspiring Message For These Dark Times

Late night TV hosts continue to bring levity to the doom and gloom amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert shared a message of hope amid the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday as late night TV hosts, whose shows have all suspended production, continued to deliver moments of levity online.

“Everywhere you look, people are looking after each other,” Colbert concluded a 15-minute monologue from his porch. “Getting food or cleaning supplies for their neighbors, regardless of what that neighbor’s politics are. Democrat, Republican, socialist, it doesn’t matter right now. We can still disagree about many things, but this crisis has driven home, literally, home, the truth that this is one great nation, united by our belief in, and our need for, each other.”

Check out the clip here:

Trevor Noah, meanwhile, announced in this 17-minute monologue that “The Daily Show” would now go on from the comfort of his and his staffers’ homes:

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee got into survival mode with this video:

Lin-Manuel Miranda joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

And Jimmy Kimmel revealed which organization he’d be making a donation to.

Conan O’Brien will return to TBS on Mar. 30 with a show filmed on an iPhone, featuring interviews conducted over video chat.

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