Stephen Colbert Hits Conspiracy Theory-Spewing GOP Rep With A ‘What The F**k’ Question

"The Late Show" host went to town on New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler's bonkers "report" on the coronavirus shots.

Stephen Colbert ripped a Republican lawmaker’s bonkers take on the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday’s “Late Show.”

New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler (R) released a lengthy “report” filled with conspiracy theories about the safe and effective shots, including claims they allowed “unknown, octopus-like creatures” to be injected into children worldwide and were stealing people’s thoughts and feelings through 5G.

“Oh, you don’t need to steal my thoughts, you can have this one for free — what the fuck are you talking about?” asked Colbert.

Check out Colbert’s full monologue here:

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