Stephen Colbert Destroys David Brooks' Wacky Anti-Pot Column

'America's Moral Core Is Being Gutted!'

Stephen Colbert returned from hiatus on Monday, and addressed what everyone's been talking about: David Brooks' hilariously misguided New York Times column in which the conservative pundit blasted marijuana legalization after having admitted to smoking marijuana as a teenager.

The column was prompted by the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, about which Colbert expressed moral panic. "This news nauseates me so much, I might qualify for medical marijuana," he joked.

He added: "America's moral core is being gutted, and the rest of our moral apple is being made into a bong."

Colbert moved onto Brooks' column, which was widely mocked for its claim that marijuana inspired "uninhibited frolic" among Brooks and his high school friends before evolving into his current conservative views.

"Sometimes it bordered on unstructured merriment, even unfettered jocularity," Colbert said.

Brooks was not the only columnist to come out against legalized marijuana. The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus also penned a column blasting the move. "I assume they're going to turn themselves into the police and serve their time," Colbert responded.

Check out the full video above of Colbert giving high praise to these anti-weed columns.

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