Stephen Colbert Defends Taco Bell And Its 'Beef-Adjacent' Beef (VIDEO)

Today Taco Bell launched a full-scale ad campaign in an effort to un-tarnish its beef's good name. But they needn't have bothered, as last night Stephen Colbert went to the mattresses to defend the fast food restaurant.

During the segment, Colbert took a few bites of the Bell's Beefy Crunch Burrito, all the while describing the meat inside using words like "beefy," "beefish," and even "beef-esque." He went on to say that, "...on a scale of 1 to beef, it's got something in there."

This is the sort segment that makes Colbert one of the most invaluable satirical critics in the media today. While making a pinpoint critique not only of Taco Bell but also of the overall problems inherent in our food system... . was USDA-inspected...only a stickler would demand that it also be USDA-approved,"

...Colbert simultaneously embodies the rest of us (the average Americans) who are shocked to hear these kinds of stories, but would really prefer to ignore them so we can still swing through the drive thru at 2:00 AM for FourthMeal.