Stephen Colbert Gives Democrats A Real Kick In The Ass After Election Loss

"The Late Show" host also explained why he wasn't that upset over the results.

Stephen Colbert joked on Wednesday that Democrats must be rethinking the party’s logo after this week’s election losses in Virginia.

“Democrats are used to being disappointed,” “The Late Show” host said, then offered the party a figurative kick in the ass with a new logo:

Colbert took the news in stride.

“Here’s the thing, and maybe I’m alone, but I’m not that upset,” he said. “I’ve already endured the worst election in American history, live on TV, sitting over there drinking a cocktail of bourbon and my own tears.”

Colbert was hosting a live comedy special in 2016 when the election results made it clear that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton.

“This one just seems like another election,” Colbert said. “Oh no! Terry McAuliffe didn’t win! Will the republic survive our post-Terry future?”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue: