Colbert Nails The Fatal Flaw In Dershowitz's 'Turd' Of A Trump Defense

"Late Show" host tears into the latest bonkers legal claim made on behalf of the president during the Senate impeachment trial.

Stephen Colbert didn’t mince words over the latest legal “turd” from Alan Dershowitz, an attorney for President Donald Trump in the ongoing impeachment trial in the Senate.

Dershowitz on Wednesday argued that if a president decides his reelection is in the public interest, he can do pretty much anything he wants to get reelected.

“No, it’s not,” Colbert fired back on “The Late Show.” “Only the public gets to decide what’s in the public interest, not the politician. It’s ‘we the people,’ not ‘you the douchebag.’”

Colbert also tore into the rest of Dershowitz’s argument, calling it a “blueprint for a banana republic.”

Check it out below:

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