Stephen Colbert Pinpoints 'The Exact Moment' Trump Thinks America Finally Became Great Again

The "Late Show" host finds a 27-second period where Trump seems to have had a major revelation.

Stephen Colbert thinks he’s found it: the exact moment when President Donald Trump believes his campaign promise was fulfilled and America finally became “great” again.

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted: 

Then, it seems to have happened. In an instant, America apparently became great again because as the “Late Show” host pointed out, Trump posted a second tweet just 27 seconds later: 

“In between those two tweets was the exact moment when America became great,” Colbert cracked. “That’s just science. That’s just math.”

What happened during those 27 seconds? Given that Trump cited “Fox & Friends” in another tweet just two minutes earlier, it’s pretty clear he was watching his favorite morning news show. So, Colbert’s team went to the videotape to discover what was on the network in those 27 seconds and found ― an Arby’s commercial. 

See Colbert’s reaction here: