Stephen Colbert Calls Donald Trump 'America's Racist Uncle' After Scathing News Report

A Washington Post article reporting the president's behind-the-scenes bigotry got the host going.

This is one “uncle” that Stephen Colbert won’t be inviting to Sunday dinner.

“The Late Show” host on Wednesday branded Donald Trump as “America’s racist uncle” after The Washington Post reported on the president’s bigotry out of the public eye. (Fast forward to 8:00 in the video below.)

“President Trump has maintained that Black Americans have mainly themselves to blame in their struggle for equality, hindered more by lack of initiative than societal impediments,” Colbert said, quoting a passage in the article. “That’s a pretty roundabout and flowery way of just saying that he’s America’s racist uncle.”

The article, citing unnamed former and current U.S. officials, noted that when first lady Melania Trump planned a 2018 trip to Africa, her husband complained that he “could never understand why she would want to go there.”

“Ooh, I’d like to solve the puzzle,” Colbert said. “Cause it’s very far away from you?”

Trump reportedly agreed to criminal justice reforms so he could improve his polling with Black voters, but went “shit-house” crazy when he failed to get a boost, according to the Post. “Why the hell did I do that?” he yelled at aides, a former official said.

He also reportedly muttered that Jews “are only in it for themselves.”

Quipped Colbert: “Donald Trump saying you’re only in it for yourself is like Jeffrey Dahmer telling you to be a vegan.”

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