Stephen Colbert Is Back With An Urgent Warning For Donald Trump's Staffers

The "Late Show" host returns from his break to continue mocking the president with new material inspired by Bob Woodward's book.

Stephen Colbert is back, and so is his Col-beard, but with one very noticeable difference. 

“I knew I had a gray beard. It came in all white,” he noted. “Evidently talking about Donald Trump for two years has made my mouth old.” 

Despite the aging, he wasted no time talking about Trump some more, including Fear, the new book about his presidency by Bob Woodward

The book includes some damning quotes from those closest to the president, including Chief of Staff John Kelly

“I don’t even know why any of us are here,” Kelly is quoted as saying. “This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” 

But Colbert begged to differ. He said it won’t be the worst job held by Kelly ― or other members of the administration, for that matter ― for long. 

There’s an even worse one coming. 

Find out what it is in the clip above.