Stephen Colbert: President Trump's Wall Is Starting To Sound More Like A Blanket Fort

"Super-duper, higher, better, better."

CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but notice President Donald Trump’s latest description of his border wall.

Trump had told the Associated Press over the weekend that he believed estimates that the wall could cost $24 billion or more were overblown.

“I think $10 billion or less,” he told the news agency. “And if I do a super-duper, higher, better, better security, everything else, maybe it goes a little bit more.” 

That got Colbert wondering just what the president is talking about. 

“Super-duper, higher, better, better,” he said. “Sounds like Trump is either building a wall or a blanket fort.” 

Colbert also took a look at how the rest of the Trump agenda is faring as the president closes in on his 100-day mark on Saturday.

“He did sign a law making it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns, and for hibernating bears to be hunted,” he said. “Took care of his base: Insane people who want to murder Yogi.” 

But it’s not all negative. 

“I gotta say, Donald Trump has done a lot for me in the first 100 days,” Colbert said, no doubt referring to the ratings bump he’s enjoyed. “Thank you for your service, Mr. President.” 

Check it out above.



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