Stephen Colbert Exposes The Moment ‘Trump’s Brain Took A Leave Of Absence’

The "Late Show" host shows the most disjointed moments of the president's North Carolina rally.

President Donald Trump’s rally this week in Greenville, North Carolina, was marked by attacks on Democratic lawmakers and racist chants from his supporters. 

And as Stephen Colbert pointed out, the president’s speech seemed even more disjointed than usual.

The “Late Show” host even found the moment in which “Trump’s brain really took a leave of absence”:

Trump in his speech continued his attacks of four Democratic lawmakers ― all women of color ― leading to racist chants of “send her back” when he mentioned Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). 

The president later claimed he wasn’t happy with the chants.

However, he did nothing to stop them, and the chants were inspired by his own attacks on the women. He has repeatedly said they should “go back” to their own countries, even though all four are U.S. citizens.