Stephen Colbert Compares Trump Attack On Fauci To Lassie Licking Her Butt

"The Late Show" host returned after a two-week break to break down the president's effort to smear the infectious disease expert.

Stephen Colbert’s two-week vacation is over, but his grilling of President Donald Trump is not.

“We’re back after a two-week break,” the “Late Show” host announced Monday. “You know what else I wish would come back? Governance. We could really use some right now.”

The president’s attempt to discredit infectious disease maven Dr. Anthony Fauci amid the resurgence of coronavirus caught the comedian’s attention.

“So the guy you’re undermining during a public health crisis is your top public health expert,” Colbert said. “That’s like discrediting Lassie right when she starts barking.”

The host then cut to a tweaked old clip in which the famous fictional dog sounds her alarm, but shrinks away when confronted with the president’s claim she spends all her time “licking your own butt.”

Fast forward to the 1:57 mark above to see the sad tale unfold. Then stick around for a montage of Trump’s thickheadedness about the coronavirus.

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