Colbert Dissects Trump’s Latest ‘Tin-Foil Hat Loon’ Conspiracy Theory

The "Late Show" host went after the president for retweeting something about the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.

Stephen Colbert on Monday called out President Donald Trump for sharing conspiracy theories over the weekend about the apparent suicide of jailed sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Hours after Epstein was found dead in his cell, conspiracy theories surged on Twitter, including some in right-wing circles suggesting Bill and Hillary Clinton were somehow involved. 

Colbert called it “the sort of stuff that only unstable tin-foil hat loons could possibly believe.”  

Trump retweeted just such a message. 

“I’m not saying the Clintons don’t have any power,” Colbert said. “They could definitely get a reservation at any restaurant in New York City. ... But masterminding a scheme to assassinate a high-profile prisoner in maximum security, federal custody? They couldn’t even mastermind a visit to Wisconsin.”

Check out his full monologue below: