Stephen Colbert's Weird Baby Yoda Crack Mocks Donald Trump's Twitter Absence

A former adviser actually said the ex-president is "happier" since being banned.

Stephen Colbert loves the “Star Wars” universe, so any time he can work in a “Star Wars”-themed dig at former President Donald Trump is a bonus. (Watch the video below.)

On “The Late Show” Monday, the host noted a former White House aide’s claim that Trump is “happier” off social media since being banned from Twitter last month.

“That makes 7 billion of us,” Colbert snapped. “The only thing that could have united the world in joy more than his Twitter ban would have been ‘Baby Yoda Presents The Deep Fried Vaccine Orgasm featuring Unlikely Animal Friendships.’”

For those potentially creeped out by the reference, Baby Yoda, a breakout star of “The Mandalorian” series, is “50,” Colbert pointed out. “It’s OK.”

Trump was booted off his favorite social media platform for inciting violence ― the same kind of rhetoric that has landed him in a second impeachment trial beginning Tuesday.

Fast-forward to 8:20 for Colbert’s jokes about Trump’s Twitter absence.

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