Colbert Trolls ‘El Trumpo’ Over Desperate Plan To Woo Hispanic Voters

The president claims he's going to "go for the Hispanics" during next year's election, but "The Late Show" host isn't buying it.

President Donald Trump is trying to increase his appeal to Hispanic voters, but as “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert pointed out, he has his work cut out for him.

Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics is just 25%, far below his overall approval rating of 38%, according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll.

So, Trump this week went to New Mexico, where he claimed he would “go for the Hispanics” during next year’s election.

We got a lot of Hispanics,” he said. “We love our Hispanics! Get out and vote.”

Colbert said Trump “must really need los hombres Hispanico because he laid it on muy thick,” then he broke out an impression of the president at the rally:

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