Stephen Colbert Drops The Hammer On GOP Senators Ignoring Donald Trump's Trial

The "Late Show" host debunked the GOP claim that Trump's impeachment trial is a waste of time.

Stephen Colbert on Wednesday ripped the Senate Republicans who haven’t been focusing during the second impeachment trial of ex-President Donald Trump for inciting the U.S. Capitol insurrection.

“The Late Show” host referenced reports that, as Democrats presented chilling new footage from the Jan. 6 attack, some Republicans sat with their feet on desks, reading books and briefing papers not related to the trial.

“Yes, other more interesting topics like, ’How does history tend to remember cowardly, fascist-enabling, worthless pieces of garbage?” the comedian cracked.

Colbert later turned serious, empathizing with Democrats arguing the case against Trump. They’d lived through the attack and now had to relive it again in front of GOP senators “desperately trying to ignore that truth and desperately trying to treat it like it was a waste of time,” Colbert said.

“But it’s not a waste of time,” he continued. “Because whether or not the ex-president is impeached, or whether or not they vote to do the right thing to keep him from holding office again, it is important that one time, as a nation, we look this straight in the face and as it is laid out definitively for the unprecedented and premeditated violation that it is.”

“Because only by facing this truth will we have any hope of stopping it from happening again,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the video here: