Donald Trump Reveals Vladimir Putin's Victory Gift In Spoof Stephen Colbert Interview

How thoughtful.

Stephen Colbert has poked fun at President-elect Donald Trump’s reported friendship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The “Late Show” host conducted a spoof interview with Trump Monday, in which the Republican “revealed” what the Russian president had sent him as an election victory gift ― a beautiful, yuuuge, tremendous, enormous wooden horse.

Have you thought about looking inside the horse to see if there is anything in it before you open the gates and bring it into America?” Colbert asked Trump ― in reference to the ancient tale of how Greeks concealed themselves in a wooden horse in order to enter the city of Troy.

“No,” Trump simply replied.

The comedian also “questioned” the former reality TV personality on his cabinet choices for the White House in the spliced clips from Trump’s interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” for the parody.

Watch the full “interview” in the clip above.