Colbert Brings Down The House By Using Trump’s Words Against Don Jr.

"Late Show" host slams the latest claims from the president's son.

Donald Trump Jr. is full of excuses lately, and “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert isn’t buying any of them. 

The son of President Donald Trump earlier this week claimed attorney-client privilege in refusing the discuss a conversation he had with his father about emails related to a 2016 meeting with Russians. 

CNN also reported that Trump Jr. told congressional investigators that he wasn’t aware of or couldn’t remember previously undisclosed emails on the topic sent among members of the Trump inner circle. 

“Wow,” said Colbert. “It seems like there is no end to the number of emails Don Jr. is hiding. We need to see all of those. Can anybody help?”

That’s when Colbert used the words of Donald Trump against his own son in a clip that had his studio audience laughing.

Check it out above.  



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