Stephen Colbert Takes Donald Trump Jr. To School Over His Latest 'Cancel Culture' Claim

The "Late Show" host mocks the ex-president's son's response to Dr. Seuss news.

Stephen Colbert defended Dr. Seuss Enterprises on Tuesday for pulling six books over offensive imagery.

“They recognize the impact that these images might have on readers, especially kids, and they’re trying to fix it,” the “Late Show” host said. “Because Dr. Seuss books should be fun for all people: black, white, straight, gay, Sneetches (both star-bellied and plain), Loraxes, Bar-ba-loots, all the Whos down in Whoville and the strange, angry creature named Foo Foo the Snoo.”

Colbert then listed the important lessons “that resonate to this day” in the Dr. Seuss books still in circulation.

But Donald Trump Jr. griped about the decision on Fox News, saying that he had “The Cat In The Hat” ― not one of the books pulled from publication ― memorized.

“I’m not surprised Don Jr. loves ’Cat In The Hat,” Colbert cracked. “I’ve always believed he could read at a second-grade level.”

Colbert then closed the segment with a Seuss-style rhyme listing a few more modern and far more diverse options for children:

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