Stephen Colbert Spots Donald Trump’s Most Baffling Legal Claim Yet

“The Late Show” host has some jury ideas for the former president.

Stephen Colbert was left baffled by a claim from Donald Trump’s attorneys in his New York hush money case that the former president can’t get a fair trial because the jury pool has been polluted by news coverage of his various legal struggles.

“So are you saying members of the jury can’t have seen any news about Donald Trump’s crimes?” a bewildered Colbert asked on Tuesday. “His crimes are the news!”

If seeing news of Trump’s crimes was a disqualifying factor, Colbert wondered who could possibly be left to serve on the jury.

“The Late Show” host then did an impression of a Trump attorney describing potential jurors who know nothing of U.S. news over the past nine years.

“Might I recommend 12 confused men who were dropped off in a forest as infants and then raised by wolves?” he suggested. “Or, if they’re not available, could we acquire some clone babies that have been rapidly aged in some sort of machine and then released into the jury box?”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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